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Last updated : 18 April 2020

NATURAL GAS is one of the silent but sometimems very volatile commodity. Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) allowed traders to trade in Natural Gas. Lot size of Natural Gas is 1250 ( 1 Points = Rs. 1250). There is no mini lot size for Natural Gas and options trading also not yet started in Natural Gas by exchange. Some margin amount required to trade in this commodity which can be varies from Rs 30000 to Rs. 60000 as per its volaility. When volatility high, exchanges increased margin of Crude oil. Few months back when Natural Gas crossed 350 levels that time carry forward margin increased to more than 1.25 lacs. (Time to time margin changed by exchange, so please check it once before taking any action).

Latest View on Natural Gas

18 April 2020 : In international market, Natural Gas (NG) closed at 1.760 with 4%+ gain/ We have seen good recovery from lower levels. Now for long position 1.700 is good support. Expecting more upside next week. May possible it will cross 1.8 level on Monday or Tuesday. View can be changed if any news comes in next 1-2 days.

12 May 2019 : In international market, Natural Gas (NG) closed at 2.620 and in Indian Market, Natural Gas closed at 184.70. Since last two to three months, Natural Gas trading in the range of 170 to 200. Last week, we have seen some bounce from levels, if everything well then technically we can see 189 to 192 level in Natural Gas very soon.