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Last updated : 25 July 2020

ICICI BANK is one of the leading private bank of India. NSE Code of ICICI BANK is ICICIBANK. BSE Code for ICICI BANK is 532174. Face value of ICICI BANK is Rs. 2. ICICI BANK is available for Future and Options trading. Lot size for ICICI BANK Future is 1375. (Time to time lot size changed by exchange, so please check it once before taking any action).

Latest View on ICICI BANK

25 July 2020 : After good result, ICICI BANK may touch 400-402 level on Monday. Book profit there without wasting a minutes. Strong resistance level. Fresh buy only above if close above 403 continue for 2-3 days. View only for educational purpose.

11 April 2020 : ICICI Bank took u turn from its important level of 260-265. And now closed around 342. If anyone bought around 270-280 level then he can book 50-60% profit here. Possibillity there, that again stock will come down to 300 level in this volatile market.

26 May 2019 : ICICI Bank closed at 431.75 on 24th May 2019. ICICI Bank made life time high of 433.55 in Friday session. If we see ICICI Bank chart then we can say very strong chart now. Stock consolidated first in the range of 275 to 330, after that made strong base at 370 to 400 and now closed above 430 level. For short to medium term ICICI Bank would be a good pick. Buy this stock partially and accumulate in every dip. Now stock ready to cross 480 level. Options trader keep watch ICICI Bank 450 call of May and June series.