One Target One SL

Positional Stock Future

We also provides Positional tips in Stock Future in which we try to give solid profit to our follower. In Positional call we provide only one target like intraday Stock Future service and we also tell to hedge Future position with call or put options of that particular stock to protect position, if we are giving buy call in any stock future so we tell to hedge the position with put option or we can tell to write any call options also. If we are giving sell call in any stock Future then we tell to buy call option to hedge your position or write put option at the same time. Normally we try to book minimum Rs. 15000 to Rs. 25000 profit in one position. Client getting proper follow up message from our side in positional calls.


  • At a time two position may open. We provide extra calls as per demand.

  • There is only one target in all stock future calls.

  • We avoid high volatile stock in this service.

  • We do not give calls in big lot size stocks..

  • We send our Intraday Stock Future calls via Whatsapp (+91-9981722011)

  • Full time support during Market hour and after market hour for any type of query or confusion.

  • Daily we provide technical resistance and support level for Nifty spot and Nifty Future also.

Sample Messages :-

  • Buy JSW Steel Feb Future at 272 Stop Loss 260 Target 299 and Buy JSW Steel Feb 270 put at cmp 4.00.

  • Book JSW Steel Fut at 295 and exit with 270 put at 1.


  • Sell Reliance Ind Future at cmp 1375 and Buy Reliance Ind Mar 1380 call at 20 and wait till next update.

  • Book Profit in Reliance Ind Fut at cmp 1325 and exit with 1380 call at cmp 3.


  • Sell Tata Motors Future at cmp 193 Stop Loss 201 target 180 and Sell Tata Motors 190 put at 5.

  • Book Profit in Tata Motors Future at 183 and exit with 190 put at 7.50.

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