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Future Pack ( Nifty Future / Bank Nifty Future / Stock Future )


In this pack you will get Positional recommedations on Nifty Future, Bank Nifty Future and Stock Future.


Minimum capital require 7 lakh for trading.


Recommendation can be intraday or positional with single target.


  Three Month

Rs. 25000.00

Rs. 5000.00

  Six Month

Rs. 45000.00

Rs. 15000.00

  One Year

Rs. 75000.00

Rs. 45000.00


We send our recommendations tips through whatsapp


Sample of our message




Positional :- Buy Titan Future at cmp 460 stop loss 450 target 484.


Book profit in Titan Future position at cmp 480.




Positional :- Buy Bank Nifty Future at cmp 19800 stop loss 19500 target 20300


Book Bank Nifty Future around 20280.




Positional :- Buy Nifty Future at 9070 stop loss 8970 target 9230.


Book Nifty Future target achieved.





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