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Banknifty Options

Banknifty options trading is the most favorite instrument of Indian's trader. I provide recommendations on Weekly and Monthly Banknifty options. You will get both Intraday and positional recommendations on Banknifty Options as per your interest. As we know, Weekly Banknifty options is highly volatile, so if one having small capital, then i will recommend one should not trade in this instrument. Options trading required full attention in market and a small mistake or delay may cause of big loss. Small trader should book small profit in each trade. I also recommend positional banknifty options tips, which can be holding of 2 to 10 days as per Banknifty range.


  • Normally one or two intraday call in Weekly or Monthly Banknifty options per day with strict stop loss.

  • There will be only one target in Banknifty Options call.

  • We send our Banknifty Options calls via Whatsapp (+91-9981722011)

  • Full time support during Market hour and after market hour for any type of query or confusion.

  • Daily we provide technical resistance and support level for Banknifty spot and Banknifty Future also.

Sample Messages :-

  • Buy Banknifty weekly 29000 call at 52-53 stop loss 10 target 110.

  • Book Banknifty weekly 29000 call now at 108-109.


  • Buy Banknifty Monthly 28000 call at 324 stop loss 254 target 450.

  • Book profit in Banknifty Monthly 28000 call target achieved.


  • Buy Banknifty weekly 28700 call at 14-16 stop loss 0 target 55.

  • Book profit in Banknifty weekly 27800 call , target 55 hit.


  • Buy Banknifty weekly 27500 put at 18 and Banknifty weekly 27800 call at 12 and wait till next update..

  • Book profit in Banknifty weekly 27500 put at 98 and exit with Banknifty weekly 27800 call at 1-1.50.


  • Positional: Buy Banknifty Monthly 23000 call at 340 stop loss 200 target 600.

  • Buy triggered in Banknifty Monthly 23000 call at 340.

  • Book profit in Banknifty Monthly 23000 call 590-595, now close to target 600.


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